Patriot Donation Management System

Your Patriot Subscription

When you sign up for Patriot you have the option to automatically pay your monthly subscription by entering your credit card information. Many of our clients opt for the simple auto pay method, so they don't have to worry about writing a monthly check. If you would like to switch from the Invoice method to credit card payment, you can do so by logging into your Patriot account and going to Patriot-->Subscription. 

You will see a few other options under your Patriot Subscription. You can view your upcoming invoice, and if you have a Bulk Mail subscription you can cancel that on this invoice, as well. Simply click Remove next to your Bulk Mail subscription and that will delete the charge from your next invoice. You can also cancel your Patriot account by clicking the Cancel Patriot account link.

If you ever need to change the credit card you are using to make payments, you will do that under your Patriot Subscription, as well. Managing your subscription is easy as pie through the Patriot donation management system.