Patriot Donation Management System

Automatic Membership Renewal

The Patriot donation management system provides a membership module that allows you to easily manage your members. You can create different membership options (i.e. single, family, couple, etc.), and assign a unique cost to each type. Once you complete our membership settings page, our system will generate a membership signup form that you can then post to your Website or send out via email.

Once you have gained members, you can either allow their membership to run out after the assigned time (month, year, 2 years, etc.) or have our system automatically send them an email that reminds them their membership is up for renewal. You can designate the number of days before expiration that you would like this email to be sent. The email will include a link for the member to simply click and renew. These automated reminders help ease your worries and allow you to focus on other important campaign/organizational matters.

We think of everything for your donation management needs.