Patriot Donation Management System

Solicitations: Tracking Donations

The Patriot donation management system provides a solicitation option that allows you to track contributions through a unique donation form link or code. Setting up a solicitation is simple. Our system will ask you to create a title (code) for your solicitation and identify how you will be collecting contributions (i.e. Email, Direct Mail, Internet, Television, etc.). If you are sending the link in an email or posting it online, all donations made through this link will be tracked back to the solicitation. If you are manually entering contributions made as a result of a direct mailing, for example, you can select the solicitation code when you are entering the monetary information in our donation management system.

This amazing feature allows you to rate the success of each unique solicitation. When you create the solicitation, you can provide the number of "units" sent and compare that to the number of donations actually received. In order to view which donations were made as a result of the solicitation, you simply use our solicitation filter when searching your donation list. You can then export this unique list for your records and get started with your next solicitation. Doesn't that sound like a good time?