Patriot Donation Management System

New Volunteer Donation Referral Tracking

Imagine a system where each volunteer is given a unique donation form that they can send to friends, post on their website, and communicate with potential supporters.  Further imagine that each volunteer receives the credit they deserve for collecting these donations.  Well, you can open your eyes now, as this feature is part of every Patriot subscription at no additional cost!  For organizations with strong grass-roots efforts, this concept is a competition killer.

You could reward the effort of your volunteers with t-shirts, participation in leadership events, and even a calls from the candidate!  To make the idea even more exciting we also publish a leader-board showing the amount raised by each volunteer, so they can see how they compare to their peers.  We also give the top five a chance to put their photo next to their name and give them some well deserved recognition.  See what you can do with this latest Patriot feature, and keep those ideas coming!