Patriot Donation Management System

Subscriptions that fit your needs and do not break the bank

Patriot is priced so that organizations of any size can easily use it without breaking the bank. Each subscription is $50 a month and includes most of our modules at no additional cost.

Example: Becky For City Council

Becky is running for City Council and needs the ability to collect donations as well as volunteers on her website. She has decided to use both Facebook and Blogger as her Website and can easily add her volunteer and donation links to them.

  • Setup Fee = $150
  • Monthly = $50
  • Discount % = 5.5% (the money taken from each credit card donation)

Over the course of the campaign, she has 354 unique donors. Some of them have donated many times, as they are close friends or relatives. Her monthly subscription fee is a consistent $50 per month.

Example: Rupert For Congress

Rupert is going to run for congress and really needs help organizing what he feels will be a big campaign. He has decided to use because they rock (subtle plug). Anyway, it is quite easy for him to add his speaking event line-up, donation links, and volunteer sign-up forms to his awesome new website.

  • Setup Fee = $150
  • Monthly Fee = $50
  • Discount % = 5.5% (the money taken from each credit card donation)

During the campaign, Rupert decides to add bulk email marketing capability to his arsenal, and spend $50 a month on this additional capability to keep his donors informed. He knows that once someone donates, there is an 80% chance they will donate again in the future. His monthly cost would be $50 at per month (not including the bulk email costs).

Why is it priced this way?

The longest commitment one has to Patriot is our 90 day subscription, and you can close your account at any time. We also maintain the data for a few years, so if you return, you can just pick-up where you left off.

Note there are no transaction fee for checks, cash, or in-kind contributions you track inside of Patriot.

Twisted Finance Laws

Note that our system works with even the most twisted campaign finance laws.  Even places like New Jersey where is seems like what they ask is nearly impossible.  You will find the effortless ability to follow those rules to the letter, and since we have handled campaigns in all 50 states (and Guam), you know it will conform. 

Most of the options are set right in the product and can be altered by you as the needs of the campaign change over time.

Some examples of things we can do if required by your state or local government:
  • Pull all of the transaction fees at the end of the month in a single expense
  • Create a separate merchant account that is unique to the organization
  • Avoid mingling of funds so that donation pass directly to the account
  • Legal disclaimers and separate tax disclaimer capabilities
  • Credit card statement shows the name of your organization
  • Check box that you can use to force agreement with terms (US citizen, etc)
  • Employer and Occupation can be mandatory
  • Employer address can be requested or mandatory
  • Target several unique bank accounts from a single Patriot account
  • Create links to bank accounts used for conduit cash or other special needs
  • Track donation sources with unlimited and unique contribution forms
  • Deposit 100% of the donations into your bank account and take out all of the Visa and MasterCard fees and the end of the month in a single expense
  • Many, many more options to suit whatever needs you might have