Patriot Donation Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee to use this system?

Yes, there is a $150 setup fee that is charged to your account after you are up and running.  This is only done once, even if you decide to let the account lapse and startup on the next election cycle.

How long does it take to set up?

In most cases, the donation and volunteer or even membership recruitment (for county/state parties) pages can be operational in 5 minutes or less.

What modules are included with subscription?

We include the following with every subscription:

The membership tracking system has small fee associated with it, and the bulk email system pricing is based on the number of recipients you plan to hit each month.

Do I need a Website?

Kind of, but, it can be as simple as one page so people can see your donation and volunteer links. However, most campaigns realize that a Website is one of their best media outlets for quickly informing the public. Might we suggest our own political Website solution, Ideal Campaign?  You can also just email friends the link to your donation and volunteer page if you want to completely avoid having a Website. If you do not have a Website and needs things to be operational ASAP, we would be happy to put up a one-page site to show your donation and volunteer buttons, and we will do so at minimal cost.

How secure is your system?

Totally! Credit card numbers are encrypted and then only shared with the processing gateway. We meet and exceed all of the privacy requirements for all of the major credit cards. Your data is safe. Our servers are scanned by an outside security firm and we leave nothing to chance.

Also, we don’t use your data, nor do we look at it unless you are having a specific issue. It is your data, and it will stay that way. We also protect the data from your employees who might not have the best of intentions. Our custom role system allows you to grant each user specific capabilities from how they view personal information to the ability to export data to excel. You have complete control on over 50 different permissions!

Do I get the credit card numbers?

No, as we do not retain credit card numbers, only transaction codes. It isn’t possible for anyone to gather credit card information from our system at any level because we simply don’t keep it.

Is the donation page customized to my organization?

Yup! Our system can reflect the same look of your campaign Website. In fact, we do this at no additional charge, and the settings are right there in Patriot so your web designer can freely access those controls. We have no limitation on how you can customize the appearance of our forms. Please note that you should use these included customization features as opposed to embedding the donation form in an IFrame due to security and compatibility issues.

Can I allow recurring donations in my campaign?

Sure. You provide the allowed schedules (i.e. monthly, quarterly, even weekly) and the maximum recurring amount. You can also disable this feature if it does not benefit your fundraising strategy.

How does the charge appear on the donor's credit card statement?

The charge will appear with the name of your organization (note there is limited space). Also, we put our toll-free number on the statement in case they have any questions and want to talk to someone. To take this one step further, they can also click on the notice in the banner of this website to retrieve transaction details at any time. If they have questions on the charge, they contact us directly leaving you alone to focus on the task at hand.

How do I know who donated?

You are given a user name and password to access your financial records 24 hours a day. We also send you an notification email at the moment a donation is made. It contains all kinds of information about the transaction including the name and address of the donor (so you can write them a nice thank you letter right away). You can also create user accounts for your treasurer and campaign management staff at no additional cost (you can have as many user account as you need).

Who sends the email thank you?

Within minutes of the contribution, a thank you letter from our system will automatically be sent to your donor. Note that this is more of a receipt than a thank you, as we feel nothing says,"Thanks!" like a hand written note directly from you. After all, they are giving their cash to help you get elected, the least you can do is write them a nice letter. We even track who you have properly thanked so you don't skip anyone.

What are the costs involved?

Costs break into two categories:

  • A transaction fee of 5% of dollars raised through credit cards plus a .35 transaction fee. Note that there can be more than one transaction fee. Also, we do not charge you for the transactions where a client is unable to donate because they can't get the form completed properly or their card info is not valid.
    (note: we don’t take anything from donations you put in Patriot garnered from Checks, Cash, or In-Kind donations).
  • You pay a monthly subscription fee that directly effects the percentage we take from each credit card transaction. This can vary as well, but starts at only $50. See our pricing page for exact rates.

How do I get started?

You simply complete our sign-up form and you are ready to roll. Of course, if you have any difficulties, you can call us any time and we can walk you through the setup (or just do it for you).

What do I need to get started if I am a political candidate, PAC or party?

You will need your disclaimer information (authorized and paid for by...), your donation limits, and your logo (optional). Once money starts pouring in, you will also need to enter your direct deposit information but you don't need that on day one.

Is there advertising on the pages?

No. We do not sell advertising for any part of our system.